Cloud Services

Our Cloud Based services provide a wide variery of solutions for small and large companies.

Often Cloud Hosting Customers use our services to:

  • Host websites and secure business applications
  • Unified Communications and mobile messaging solutions (e-mail, fax, Instant Messaging, Voice, Video Conferencing, SMS, MMS, USSD, Document Sharing, Collaboration)
  • E-mail and Document Archiving
  • Registered E-mail and electronic Sign-Off

One of the challenges we address with our cloud offerings is third-party verification. All services offered focus on high levels of security.

Our secure Instant Messaging  service allows private IM networks within which the use all features are controlled by the administrator and contact between parties are controlled and logged (if needed). Our cross-platform client software provides a rich set of features which include remote desktop access for presentations, training and even remote control when needed. Web and mobile access provide anytime, anywhere secure access which leaves no traces of communication on computers.  Encryption is used to protect all communication. Using standard public IM offers no guarantees of confidentiality and security.

Registered E-mail offers companies the option of a third-party verified delivery of e-mail. A receipt received in e-mail will provide  timestamped legal evidence of delivery and content. To further ensure that no breach in confidential information occurs, no copies are kept, which is why even military and government institutions worldwide use the service.

If you would benefit from anywhere, anytime secure online business management system (we offer different complete web based business systems for small and large businesses), which can be customized, integrated with external and existing business systems, plus the necessary training and support to operate them effectively.

If you need e-mail/communication hosting we offer different solutions to address a variety of different usage scenarios, including Exchange server with Blackberry and other mobile access, Zimbra, CommuniGate Pro, Google Apps, Office365, ZOHO Apps, Skype, VoIP and more. Let us help you determine the best options for your company.

And if you need systems enablement for innovative automated business processes, we can provide the programming, hosting and support for the custom part to integrate into your business system environment. You may already have existing investments that can be leveraged.

At the end of the day, the best tool depends on your requirements. You would not use a hammer to tighten a screw, would you?