Did you get my e-mail? Oh, No!

Core RPost Services:

  • Registered E-mail (legal proof of delivery – perfect for article 129 NCA notices as required by the Constitutional Court ruling relevant to all creditors giving notice)
  • E-mail encryption – password protected e-mails like invoices and statements as required by SARS and the ECT Act in South Africa
  • eSignoff (legally sign NDAs, contracts and any form of agreement via e-mail)
  • R-PDF (process forms and be able to pre-fill some data, extract filled forms data into systems, prove delivery and have relevant parties signoff their part of the agreement, including scripting workflows and more)

  • What is it for?
    Use it for sending invoices and statements, orders, debt collection and other communication that should potentially be proven in court or to a client, patient, subscriber, customer or supplier. Know when it was delivered and even opened, plus be able to prove it legally. It usually prevents the need for any legal action.

    Our cloud based registered e-mail service offers an e-mailed verification receipt back to the sender that can be used to send evidence to any recipient, other parties (like a lawyer or arbitrator) or a court to prove that when and to whom an e-mail was delivered and what the content was (including attachments up to 200Mb).

    Whether you send with the help of our Outlook Add-in, one of our smartphone apps, the webmail or just by adding an suffix like “.rpost.org” to your mails. There is a solution for every use case.

    So where is information kept?
    No details or content are stored on our servers, eliminating security risks associated with publically accessible systems and thereby meeting the highest standards in security. You simply archive the receipts for later reference and proof.

    Even where PDF conversion is be done on the fly if you attach a Word document for eSignoff or when the option to convert it is selected. None of this is stored in the cloud later.

    Who uses it?
    The United States Government (since 2003), The United Nations, General Electric (the largest company in the world) and many others use it. Many companies, including lawyers, banks, the medical industry, telecoms carriers, insurance companies and others use it to verify and prove delivery and content (including recipients, attachments and delivery date and time) to the recipients and courts (when needed).

    How to subscribe?
    Pre-paid and monthly subscription options are available. If special onsite applications are required, please mention it when making contact.

    Contact us for more detail.