Custom Software has actively been developing tailored solutions for business clients in the financial, insurance, medical, banking and payment systems industries since 1993.

All of our clients have excelled as a result of this. In every case the investment has produced many multiples in financial return. Not to mention levels of productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Solutions have solved public and private web interface needs, supply chain problems, relationship management (supply and sales), business process management, finances, reward systems (commissions, etc), claims, payments, billing and payment settlements.

Usually systems include:

  • Responsively designed (simultaneously accommodating desktop, tablet and smartphone access) websites with business integrated functions, like CRM and e-Commerce shopping carts and payments
  • Business Process Automation
  • Customer/Partner Interaction Systems
  • Billing / Settlement
  • Integration of existing and new systems
  • Deployed on site and in the cloud or a hybrid of the two options

Perhaps you could give us an opportunity to illustrate what we can do for your business.